Gummy Buds – Fruit Gummies – Cherry Berry – Indica – Bubba Kush – Box of 24

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Product Description

Each hand-crafted Gummy Bud begins with carefully selected strains of naturally grown cannabis flower produced by local farms. We choose each strain by the known qualities they offer and use our craft extraction process of low-temperature and low pressure to retain the full spectrum of the herb’s properties within each gummy. Smaller individual doses allow users to find their ideal range based on tolerance and the experience desired.

Whether you’re interested in treating stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, or if you just want to enhance life’s experience, we have a strain-specific gummy for you!

  • Sativa – Ideal for daytime use. These strains are uplifting and energetic. This category is best suited for treating depression, stimulating creativity, or to simply enhance life’s experience.
  • Hybrid – Anytime use that balances Sativa and Indica genetics. These strains can enhance life’s experience while medicinally treating stress, depression, and pain.
  • Indica – Ideal for nighttime use. These strains are relaxing and sedative. Medicinally they can be effective for stress, pain, and insomnia.
  • CBD – Great for anytime use. Strains in this category are ideal for treating stress, anxiety, pain, or insomnia without the euphoria of THC. THC will be little to none in these strains with a sole focus on CBD.